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Circle of Security Parenting Class
This is an eight week parenting class beginning January 10th from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. Class to be held at Mammoth Lutheran Church on the corner of Old Mammoth and Meridian. This class is offered free of charge and uses the Circle of Security International curriculum. Anne Martin has been trained as a facilitator for Circle of Security and was trained by Bert Powell, one of three behavioral scientists who developed this program after thirty years of research in secure attachment. The program is rated NPG, no parental guilt, as you learn the characteristics of creating a securely attached bond with your child. Secure attachment is a cradle to grave need that every human desires in every important relationship. This aspect is brought to your attention throughout the program using real life movie clips about human relationships. Come find out that you only need to be successful 30% of the time when good repairs are made after the relationship inevitably suffers a rupture or unexpected outcome. Though this is a parenting class using babies and toddlers as subjects, you will see how the cradle to grave requirement is important at every stage in life with every important relationship. The class demystifies what love is and helps you to read your child or any other important person in your life and actually know what to do in order to increase trust and healthy relationship.