Can my life be more satisfying? Can my relationships feel more affirming? Can I be who I am and have what I want? People come to see me when they are trying their best, but things aren’t working out the way they hoped. I listen, ask questions and notice. Together we collect and look at different areas of your life and fit them together like the pieces of a puzzle. As the picture becomes clearer, problems become smaller and solutions become more obvious. Integrating mind, body and spirit will lead you to understand and express the person you want to be. Counseling helps you to process your feelings, visions, hopes and fears using Emotionally Focused Therapy. Connecting your mind, body and soul leads to a greater understanding of yourself and how you want to live your life and relate to the world.


Are you looking for a better way for you and your loved ones? Does your family look like a continuous battleground? Is your family caught in a never ending cycle of negative behaviors and communications that leave you feeling hopeless and isolated? The creation of a resilient family through positive parenting skills is complex and requires hard work. Research has shown that families who play together tend to stay together. A family is made up of individuals who have to learn differences in communication styles and ways of being in order to thrive. Smart families often seek the services of a marriage and family therapist before conflict builds to a point where the family becomes dysfunctional and stuck. Through emotionally focused family therapy, families learn how to create safe holding environments where communication patterns and connecting to others in moments of vulnerability are recognized and encouraged. I am trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy and Circle of Security parenting skills.


Do you feel stuck, stressed, anxious or depressed?

Are you struggling with relationship problems that are making you unhappy?

Counseling and therapy can help you smooth out the bumps of life and move you towards a life of meaning, contentment and joy.

Therapy will:

  • Guide you to create relationships that are positive, uplifting and supportive
  • Show you how to reduce stress
  • Offer skills to help you cope with the symptoms of depression
  • Help you overcome fears and reduce anxiety
  • Help you process grief and loss

A Marriage counselor and family therapists are trained to focus on relationships and the connections that are created between people. I collaborate with my clients when seeking solutions to distressing problems. Non-judgmental collaboration does not look for winners or losers when relationships are at stake. Rather than assigning blame, time is spent focusing on the “we” in the relationship. These priceless connections become stronger and more enduring.

Emotionally Focused Couple’s Therapy is a therapy based on the science of love and attachment. Our most important relationships can trigger strong feelings. Relationships can be a source of massive stress and pain- or a source of great comfort and joy. EFT helps couples to learn to deal with these feelings together- in a positive way.

Your relationship can become:

  • Playful and spontaneous
  • Energetic and creative
  • A powerful “dynamic duo”
  • Free from power struggles
  • Clear communication patterns
  • Balanced family life
  • Clear boundaries and rules